Utility Tree Trimming

The Leo Rodriguez Utility Tree Trimming program is an exclusive program tailored to fit the exact needs of our Tree Trimming clients. We are the only licensed agency authorized to provide this program and with over a decade of experience we understand the industry and how to customize your policy to help you grow.

Programs Highlights

$5,000,000 General Liability Occurrence and Aggregate Limit
$5,000,000 Per Project Aggregate
$5,000,000 Pollution Liability Limit Included
$5,000,000 Professional Liability Limit Included
$1,000,000 Arborist & Landscape services Workmanship coverage
$1,000,000 Loggers Broad Form Property Damage Coverage
$1,000,000 Herbicide Applicator Coverage Endorsement
No Exclusion for Wildfire
No Height Exclusion
No Loggers Broad Form Exclusion
No Exclusion for Utility Line Exclusion
Single Policy coverage form for all listed coverages above
The Team at Leo Rodriguez Insurance Agency provides Safety Training Services, IsNet Program Management, Claims Management and Policy review services. With in house certified Safety Personnel, Claims Personnel and experts in Vegetation Management consulting services.

Personalized Service

Leo Rodriguez Insurance is unique in that we go the extra mile to ensure you get the exact right coverage at the best possible rates. We have partnered with a top Carrier to create a highly unique program that is not available anywhere else.
We take extra care to help ensure and provide your company with the safety training and protocols needed to get you the lowest rates. And we take pride in working with you as a partner to help you grow.
Our agents have over 10 years of experience working with Utility Tree Trimming and understand your highly unique needs. That is why we are able to provide specialized services and one on one care to get you the best rates.

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